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“Mindful Eating: Savor the Flavor”

The American Heart Association’s article “Mindful Eating: Savor the Flavor” shares a very simple way of how you can easily get into the habit of eating mindfully.

Focus on the Food

Mindfulness has become as buzz-worthy as cold pressed coffee. One simple way to eat healthier may be to simply be mindful when eating.

And guess what, mindful eating doesn’t mean dieting or restrictions. It’s about taking a moment to take it in. There are a lot of methods out there, but we’ve simplified it for you.

Ponder: Before you eat, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty or bored or stressed. Check in, do you need nourishment in the form of food or do you need something else?

Appraise: When your food is in front of you, take a moment.  How does it look? How does it smell? Do you really want it? Is it more than you need?

Slow: Slow down, like waaaay down. Put your fork down between bites. Really chew your food and taste it. Slowing down helps your brain catch up with your stomach.

Savor: Really enjoy your food. How does the texture feel in your mouth? What are all the complex flavors you can taste? Take a moment to savor the satisfaction of each bite.

Stop: Stop when you’re full. Sounds so obvious, right? But hey, cleaning your plate isn’t necessary. By noticing when you’re full and stopping, you may avoid unnecessary calories and indigestion.

This is the method I use daily, that truly helps me enjoy and appreciate my meals mindfully.

It takes practice. At first, you may find eating one meal a day, or even a snack mindfully works for you. Then, go ahead, try it, eat mindfully. Over time, you may find it second nature that you begin to mindful eat to all your meals.

Bon appetite!


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